Flexi-Mate 24 AWG Cable Assemblies

By Molex Inc 79

Flexi-Mate 24 AWG Cable Assemblies

Molex's Flexi-Mate family meets the Solid State Lighting (SSL) Industry’s needs for flexibility and space savings in applications requiring placement of LEDs on interconnecting panels across the width of the display or lighting fixture. The low-profile, 3 mm mated height of the connectors does not interfere with the luminescence angle of PCB-mounted LEDs, ensuring light uniformity of the finished panel.

Flexi-Mate 24 AWG cable assemblies are supplied pre-crimped in standard cable lengths, meeting the needs of lighting panel manufacturers who typically lack crimping capabilities. The system comprises board-to-board harnesses used to connect LED light panels, and driver-to-board harnesses to connect LED panels to the main power board. A wire loop configuration can complete an open-loop signal. The cable assemblies mate with existing Flexi-Mate receptacles.

  • 24 AWG cable assemblies in white
  • Flexible board-to-board, wire-to-board and cable-loop options
  • 3 mm mated height and 3.7 mm pitch
  • Positive side latches on crimp housing
  • Dual-contact terminal design
  • Headers designed with extended wall to ensure >3 mm creepage distance
  • Shrouded contacts
  • Downlight modules
  • Linear lights/lighting strips
  • Track lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Industrial lighting