IRS2505L Boost PFC Control IC

By Infineon Technologies 460

IRS2505L Boost PFC Control IC

The IRS2505 is a control IC for boost-type PFC circuits operating in critical-conduction mode. The IC incorporates a free-running frequency oscillator with on-time and off-time control of the boost power MOSFET without the need for a secondary winding. Also included in the design is over-voltage protection of the DC bus and cycle-by-cycle over-current protection of the power MOSFET. Micro-power start-up current and an internal 20.8 V zener clamp at VCC are provided to simplify the external VCC supply circuitry.

  • Critical-conduction mode PFC control
  • High PF and ultra-low THD
  • Wide load and line range
  • Regulated and programmable DC bus voltage
  • No secondary winding required
  • MOSFET cycle-by-cycle over-current protection
  • DC bus over-voltage protection
  • Low EMI gate drive
  • Ultra-low start-up current
  • 20.8 V internal zener clamp on VCC
  • Excellent ESD and latch immunity
  • RoHS compliant
  • 5-pin SOT-23 package

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