LDU Series LED Drivers

By XP Power 612

LDU Series LED Drivers

XP Power announces additions to the LDU series of PCB-mount, DC input, constant-current LED drivers. Comprising four models offering power outputs of 5 W, 14 W, and 20 W, these highly-efficient LED drivers have a typical efficiency of 93% for the 5 W to 14 W models and 95% for the 20 W devices.

The LDU20 series provides up to 700 mA output current, and the LDU05 and 14 series have a maximum output of 1000 mA. The drivers can accommodate a very wide-range of input voltage from 7 VDC to 30 VDC, which needs to be at least 2 V higher than the output.

Dimming options include two analog methods (voltage or resistance), and a pulse width modulation (PWM) input signal. The PWM approach has a maximum operating frequency of 1 kHz, with a minimum 200 ns on/off time. When using an analog dimming method, the output current range can be adjusted from 25% to 100% of nominal current.

A remote on/off control input provides the designer the ability to control the output or sequence the start-up. All models provide protection in the event of a short- or open-circuit of the LED device.

The LDU series suits a broad-range of indoor, outdoor, underwater, and automotive LED lighting applications and are also suitable for battery-powered applications.