MAAP-011027 High-Power Amplifier

By MacomTechnology Solutions 108

MAAP-011027 High-Power Amplifier

The MAAP-011027 is a high-power amplifier for customers who need a fully-matched, small size, and simplified packaging solution for high-power, pulsed applications. Operating over the 5.2-5.9 GHz frequency bandwidth, the device is a two-stage, 8 W, saturated, C-band power amplifier with 37% power-added efficiency. The MAAP-011027 is packaged in a lead-free 5 mm x 5 mm 20-lead PQFN and offers a fully-matched solution which can be used as a power amplifier or driver stage in high-power, pulsed applications.

Available in Tape and Reel (-2-ND), Cut Tape (-1-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (-6-ND).

  • Linear gain: 20 dB
  • Saturated output power: +39 dBm pulsed
  • 50 Ω input/output match
  • Lead-free, 5 mm, 20-lead, PQFN package
  • Halogen-free "green" mold compound
  • RoHS compliant and 260°C reflow compatible
  • Point-to-point radios and C-band radar applications

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