Micro-D Backshells - MDM Series

By ITT Interconnect Solutions 136

Micro-D Backshells - MDM Series

ITT Interconnect Solutions has designed numerous backshell solutions for micro-miniature interconnects used in many harsh environment applications. Although ITT does not currently offer a standard backshell portfolio today, they can design and manufacture a range of back fittings for their MDM connector products depending on the customer's requirements. ITT can provide custom designs utilizing proven banded systems in which the braid is captivated over a chimney-style outlet. These types of backshell systems are available in different material finishes and sizes and can be provided with special process-termination methods. ITT has developed a method of riveting the back fitting to the shell within the jacking area. This option guarantees 360 degree shielding effectiveness even when jack screws or posts are not being used.

A single piece of machined aluminum is used for the shell. A cable braid can be fixed to the shell with the band-it strap (supplied with the backshell) to give a shielded termination. Stainless-steel mounting hardware, either jack posts or low-profile jack screws, comes with the backshell.

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