RF Coaxial Connectors

By Cinch Connectivity Solutions Vitelec 124

RF Coaxial Connectors

Cinch Connectivity Solutions' Vitelec product line delivers a comprehensive range of RF coaxial interconnect products and cable assemblies. The Vitelec line offers quality and innovative standard and custom-designed products for the electronic and communication industries. Vitelec is part of the Cinch Connectivity Solutions European facility for connector products and cable assemblies, based in Chelmsford, UK. Cinch Connectivity Solutions has a number of international manufacturing sites including North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. The European facility is itself a center of excellence for the design, manufacturing, and testing of radio frequency, microwave, and fiber optic cable assemblies, which are marketed alongside their range of interconnection products under the Cinch Connectivity Solutions brand.


  • BNC
    • 50 Ω DC to 4 GHz
    • 75 Ω DC to 1 GHz
    • Test performance meets MIL-C-39012
  • F Type
    • 75 Ω DC to 2 GHz
    • Designed for low-frequency transmission up to 2 GHz
    • Mainly used in video and satellite, communication applications
  • N Type
    • 50 Ω DC to 11 GHz
    • Test performance meets MIL-C-39012
    • Applications include, test equipment, broadcast, satellite and military communication equipment
  • TNC
    • 50 Ω DC to 11 GHz
    • 75 Ω DC to 1 GHz
    • Applications include mobile communications where optimum performance is required under vibration
  • Adapters
    • Comprehensive range of commercial performance “in” and “between” series available
    • Most standard RF coaxial interfaces within the range
    • Intermateable with all major coaxial connector manufacturers
    • Wide range of applications
  • Connectapak
    • Popular BNC cable connectors in robust installer-friendly packs
    • 5% extra pins to allow for breakages and losses