TPS53513 High-Efficiency 8 A DC/DC Converter

TPS53513 High-Efficiency 8 A DC/DC Converter

Texas Instruments' TPS53513 is a small-sized, synchronous buck converter with an adaptive on-time D-CAP3 control mode. The device offers ease-of-use, low external-component count for space-conscious power systems.

This device features high-performance integrated MOSFETs, accurate 0.5% 0.6 V reference, and an integrated boost switch. Competitive features include very-low external-component count, fast load-transient response, auto-skip-mode operation, internal soft-start control, and no requirement for compensation.

A forced continuous conduction mode helps meet tight voltage-regulation accuracy requirements for performance DSPs and FPGAs. The TPS53513 is available in a 28-pin QFN package and is specified from –40°C to 85°C ambient temperature.

Features Applications
  • Integrated 13.8 and 5.9 mΩ MOSFETs with 8 A continuous output current
  • Supports all ceramic output capacitors
  • Reference voltage 600 mV ±0.5% tolerance
  • Output voltage range: 0.6 to 5.5 V
  • D-CAP3 control mode with fast load-step response
  • Auto-skipping eco-mode for high light-load efficiency
  • FCCM for tight output ripple and voltage requirements
  • Eight selectable frequency settings from 200 kHz to 1 MHz
  • Pre-charged startup capability
  • Built-in output discharge circuit