600 V GenX3SC™ IGBTs

By IXYS 62

600 V GenX3SC™ IGBTs

The recent emergence and commercialization of silicon carbide (SiC) technology in the power semiconductor industry has brought to light significant performance advances in the development of low loss, high temperature discrete power components. IXYS/Littelfuse has combined the latest silicon carbide diode technology with its advanced GenX3™ IGBT platform, enabling critical applications like switch mode power supplies, motor drives, power factor correction circuits, and wind and solar inverters to achieve new levels of performance and energy efficiency. This integration results in a significant reduction in dynamic losses in both the IGBT and diode, giving way to substantial system-level performance improvements.

Features Applications
  • Ultrafast Silicon Carbide Schottky CoPacked Diode
  • No reverse recovery
  • Square RBSOA
  • High power density
  • Optimized for low conduction and switching losses
  • Two speed classifications (B3 and C3 Class)
  • Avalanche rated
  • Proprietary ISOPLUS package options (2500 V electrical isolation)
  • Increased overall system level efficiency
  • Reduction in overall system cost
  • Ability to increase PWM frequencies to reduce magnetic and filtering component size and count
  • Enables use of reduced heat sinking and/or cooling
  • High frequency power inverters
  • UPS
  • Motor drives
  • SMPS
  • PFC circuits
  • Battery chargers
  • Welding machines
  • Lamp ballasts