94xx Series

By 3M 92

94xx Series

Engineers have been designing systems requiring cable-to-board interconnects and cable assemblies for various applications. In most of these designs, engineers are forced to compromise and make significant tradeoffs between critical design parameters, electrical performance versus signal density versus mechanical reliability versus cost. These tradeoffs often leave the overall system design impaired with respect to one or more of these critical design parameters.

The 3M Shielded Controlled Impedance (SCI) Cable Assembly 2 mm Latch/Eject Development Kit helps you evaluate the critical design parameter tradeoffs mentioned above and design a high-performance solution that closely aligns with your requirements. It has all of the building blocks necessary to design a high-performance cable-to-board solution with seamless tradeoffs between critical design parameters with an industry-standard high-density 2 mm footprint.

Features and Benefits

  • 9401-9403 2 MM SCI design kits
  • Headers, see TS-2199
  • SCI cable assemblies, see TS-2105
  • Assist designers in evaluating signal integrity performance of 3M SCI cable assemblies
  • Eye patterns
  • Crosstalk (near end and far end)

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