AS85049 Adapters and Band Straps

By TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine 109

AS85049 Adapters and Band Straps

TE Connectivity announces the approval to be on the military qualified parts list (QPL) for AS85049/82 to /90 band strap adapters and /128 band straps. AS85049 is a military specification for connector accessories designed to work with military connectors like those built to MIL-DTL-38999. The AS85049 industry standard is used on most military circular connectors including M38999. TE Connectivity offers a wide-selection of sizes, materials, and platings to meet customers needs. The band-strap termination system provides ease of installation and repair.

TE Connectivity also offers the corrosion-resisting steel bands in three styles to help meet the customer’s shield. The M85049 band straps and adapters feature side-entry band straps, making them easier to install and repair, and providing high-reliability under vibration due to their self-coupling locking nut. The product is used at the back of a connector to provide shielding, screening, and grounding to a cable harness, which helps provide EMI and RFI protection. The adapters are offered in straight, 45°C and 90° formats.

Features Applications
  • Meets AS85049 NAVAIR standards, also known as M85049
  • Self-coupling locking nut provides an improved mechanical protection against loosening under vibration
  • Side-entry band straps for easier installation and repair
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Military ground vehicles
  • Space-based systems


  • One-step wide (1/4 inch wide): M85049/128-3
  • One-step narrow (1/8 inch narrow): M85049/128-7
  • Two-step (1/4 inch wide): M85049/128-1