Impact 100 Ohm Backplane Connector System

By Molex Inc 73

Impact 100 Ohm Backplane Connector System

Pushing the density envelope to meet next-generation high-speed application demands, Molex's Impact 100 Ohm backplane connector system features data rates up to and beyond 25 Gbps, superior signal integrity, electrical performance, and modular design.

The Impact 100 Ohm backplane connector system provides data rates up to and beyond 25 Gbps and superior signal density up to 30 pairs per cm (80 differential pairs per inch) when using a 6-pair system. The broad-edge-coupled transmission technology enables low cross-talk noise and high signal bandwidth while minimizing channel-performance variation across every differential pair within the system.

Impact XTR connectors provide OEM’s a scalable solution, (managing speed, density, and cost; pay-for-performance model), without requiring any footprint or mating backplane connector changes from legacy Impact connectors. Impact power modules are offered in three through six pair sizes in conventional, coplanar, and mezzanine configurations with current ratings from 60.0 to 120.0 A per module.

Designed for traditional backplane and/or midplane architectures, the Impact 100 Ohm backplane connector system meets the growing demand for next generation high-speed applications.

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Features and Benefits
  • Data rates scalable up to and beyond 25 Gbps
    • Support future system performance upgrades (standard Impact 100 Ohm connectors achieve up to 25 Gbps; XTR Impact 100 Ohm
  • Broad-edge-coupled, differential-pair system on standard connectors
    • Superior density, low cross-talk noise, low insertion loss and minimal performance variation across all high-speed channels
  • Broad-edge-coupled, shield-to-wafer construction on XTR daughter cards
    • Improves signal integrity (SI) without sacrificing industry-leading density. Lowers cross-talk noise and minimizes performance variation compared to legacy Impact connectors. Supports quad routing for reduced PCB layer count. Footprint and mate compatible with existing Impact 100 Ohm backplane products. Provides option to upgrade electrical performance when required.
  • Differential-pair density up to 30 pairs per cm (80 pairs per linear inch) when using 6-pair configurations
    • High differential pair density supports high bandwidth needs while minimizing board and system real-estate usage
  • Inline staggered interface
    • Reduced mating force by 50% over competing products in the market
  • Bifurcated contact beams on the daughtercard connector
    • Two points of contact for long-term reliability and built-in ground-signal sequencing
  • Easy-to-manage 1.90 by 1.35 mm grid
    • Provides PCB routing flexibility and reduces cost
  • Two compliant-pin attach options (0.39 and 0.46 mm)
    • Provides customers ultimate flexibility to optimize designs for superior mechanical and electrical performance
  • IEEE 10GBASE-KR and Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Stat Eye Compliant channel performance
    • Demonstrates end-to-end channel performance compliance
  • Telecommunication
  • Networking (hubs, switches, routers)
  • Data center equipment
  • Storage
  • Servers
  • Medical equipment

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