LFPAK Bipolar Transistors

By Nexperia 179

LFPAK Bipolar Transistors

Nexperia now offers the first high-power bipolar transistors housed in a LFPAK56 (Power-SO8) package. They deliver DPAK-like thermal and electrical performance in just half the footprint. Offering reliable, energy-efficient performance, they are AEC-Q101 qualified and support high-temperature operation up to 175°C. Nexperia will further grow their portfolio in 2014 and offer 25 types, up to 100 V and 15 A, in single and double configurations. These bipolar transistors offer space-saving 5 mm x 6 mm package outlines and low profiles of 1 mm, along with high power dissipation (Ptot).

  • Suitable for high-temperature applications (175°C)
  • High reliability and mechanical ruggedness thanks to solid copper clip (no wires)
  • High energy efficiency due to less heat generation
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Future-proof, growing portfolio
  • Power management
  • Motor drives
  • Loadswitches
  • Linear mode voltage regulators
  • Backlighting applications

Available in tape-and-reel (-2-ND), cut tape (-1-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (-6-ND).

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Nexperia LFPAK Types and Competitor Crosses

Nexperia Type
Electric Parameter
(VCEO, IC, ICM, hFE min/typ)
(Competitor Type)
Electric Parameter
(Competitor Type)
(Competitor Type)
PHPT60603PY 60 V, 3 A, 8 A, 200/400 MJD32 (ON, ST, Fairchild) PNP, 40 V, 3 A DPAK
PHPT60603NY 60 V, 3 A, 8 A, 200/400
MJD31 (ON, ST, Fairchild)
NPN, 40 V, 3 A DPAK
PHPT61003PY 100 V, 3 A, 8 A, 150/220 MJD32C (ON, ST, Fairchild)
PNP, 100 V, 3 A DPAK
PHPT61003NY 100 V, 3 A, 8 A, 150/250 MJD31C (ON, ST, Fairchild)
NPN, 100 V, 3 A DPAK
PHPT61002PYC 100 V, 2 A, 6 A, 150/220 2SA2205 (ON, Sanyo) PNP, 100 V, 3 A DPAK
PHPT61002NYC 100 V, 2 A, 6 A, 150/250 2SC6099 (ON, Sanyo) NPN, 100 V, 3 A  DPAK


LFPAK56 - the true power package: Get DPAK-like performance in half the footprint

Parameter LFPAK56 DPAK
Reliability / mechanical ruggedness Designed for reliability: solid copper clip, wire-free Wire bonding prone to breakage
Outline 5 x 6 mm2 10 x 7 mm2
Height 1mm 2.3 mm
Occupied area on PCB 30 mm2 70 mm2
Max. temperature of complete portfolio 175°C 150°C