Linduino™ One Demonstration Board

By Analog Devices Inc 75

Linduino™ One Demonstration Board

Linduino One is an Arduino-compatible platform for developing and distributing firmware libraries and example code for Linear Technology’s SPI and I²C-compatible integrated circuits. The code is designed to be highly-portable to other microcontroller platforms, and is written in C using as few processor-specific functions as possible. The code libraries can be downloaded below and used as-is in your project. Each library has a demonstration program that can be uploaded to the Linduino One (DC2026B) to allow the circuit and software to be quickly and easily verified with the Linear Technology demo board for the particular IC. The free and open-source Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) compiles and loads the code into the Linduino One, with no additional programming hardware required. The Linduino One board is compatible with the Arduino Uno, using the Microchip ATMEGA328 processor. This board features a 14-pin QuikEval™ connector that can be plugged into more than 300 daughter boards for various Linear Technology parts, including analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, high-voltage power monitors, intelligent hot-swap controllers, temperature sensors, LED drivers, RF synthesizers, battery management systems, and more. The Linduino One is galvanically isolated from the host PC by an LTM2884 USB transceiver with isolated power. This provides an added measure of safety in high-voltage applications such as telecom power and battery monitoring, and breaks ground loops in precision, low-noise ADC and DAC applications.

Files for Downloads

DC2026B Demo Manual and Design Files

What Is Linduino? (Video)

Linear Tech DC934A Demo Manual

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