LT®3090 Linear Regulators

By Analog Devices Inc 61

LT®3090 Linear Regulators

Linear Technology's LT3090 is a 600 mA, low-dropout negative linear regulator that is easily parallelable to increase output current or spread heat on surface-mounted boards. Designed with a precision current reference followed by a high-performance rail-to-rail voltage buffer, this regulator finds use in applications requiring precision output, high current with no heatsink, output adjustability to zero, and low dropout voltage. The device can also be configured as a 3-terminal floating regulator.

The LT3090 features fast transient response, high PSRR, and output noise as low as 18 μVRMS. The LT3090 generates a wide output voltage range (0 V to -32 V) while maintaining unity gain operation. This yields virtually constant bandwidth, load regulation, PSRR, and noise, regardless of the programmed output voltage.

The LT3090 supplies 600 mA at a typical dropout voltage of 300 mV. Operating quiescent current is nominally 1 mA and drops to < 1 μA in shutdown. A single resistor adjusts the LT3090’s precision programmable current limit. The LT3090’s positive or negative current monitor either sources a current (0.5 mA/A) or sinks a current (1 mA/A) proportional to output current. Built-in protection includes reverse output protection, internal current limit with foldback, and thermal shutdown with hysteresis.