ME PLC Housing

By Phoenix Contact 194

ME PLC Housing

Phoenix Contact's ME PLC housing extends current housing range, providing a solution for designers and manufacturers of programmable controllers and control systems. Large PCB area, front-connection technology, and DIN rail bus connectors offer a high level of functionality. The ME PLC consists of a housing base with a design width of 40 mm x 159 mm tall, which translates to a substantial PCB footprint for designs that require complexity or larger components. Connection technology modules are supplied fully pre-assembled with spring, plug-in connectors.

An optional, user-interactive portion of the ME PLC is available for custom configuration. Located above the connection technology in the front of the housing, the user can obtain visual and/or diagnostic feedback such as LED indicators or LCDs.

These housings can also be combined with a DIN rail bus connector, available in two versions: a high-density 50-position connector, or a 10-position connector more suitable for bussing power.

Both bus connector versions are supplied as a mounting kit, e.g., without PCB and un-mounted. This makes it easy to integrate individual and application-specific PCB designs.

Features and Benefits
  • Front-connection technology for optimal I/O density
  • Fixed or pluggable connections for user preference
  • Hinged connection-module option for quick disconnect
  • Snap-on universal cover for wire identification and termination protection
  • DIN rail bus connector for power distribution and communication between adjacent modules/cards
  • Design flexibility for complex electronics due to large available PCB real estate
  • Controller systems
    • Process technology
    • Measurement and control technology
    • Alarm and remote
  • General control cabinet applications