PFE/PET Series

By Bel Power Solutions 68

PFE/PET Series

Bel Power Solutions PFE and PET series power supplies are fully-DSP-controlled, highly-efficient front-ends. The devices incorporate resonance-soft-switching technology and interleaved power trains to reduce component stresses, providing increased system reliability and very-high-efficiency. With a wide-input operating voltage range and minimal linear de-rating of output power with respect to ambient temperature, the PFE and PET series maximize power availability in demanding server, switch, and router applications. The front-ends are fan cooled and ideally suited for server integration with a matching airflow path.

The PFC stage is digitally controlled using a state-of-the-art digital signal processing algorithm to guarantee best efficiency and unity power factor over a wide operating range.

The DC-DC stage uses soft switching resonant techniques in conjunction with synchronous rectification. An active OR-ing device on the output ensures no reverse load current and renders the supply ideally suited for operation in redundant power systems.

The always-on standby output provides power to external power distribution and management controllers. It is protected with an active OR-ing device provides for maximum reliability.

Status information is provided with front-panel LEDs. In addition, the power supply can be controlled and the fan speed set via the I²C bus. It allows full-monitoring of the supply, including input and output voltage, current, power, and inside temperatures.