PolarP3™ Power MOSFETs

By IXYS 137

PolarP3™ Power MOSFETs

The PolarP3™ Power MOSFET family is the latest addition to IXYS/Littelfuse benchmark high-performance Polar-Series Power MOSFET product line. These new devices are manufactured using IXYS/Littelfuse proprietary PolarP3™ Technology Platform, yielding new and improved devices that feature an optimized combination of low on-state resistance (Rdson) and gate charge (Qg). The end result is a device that achieves a Figure of Merit (FOM) performance index (device on-resistance multiplied by gate charge) as low as 9.6 ΩnC. Additional device features include low thermal resistances (RthJC), dynamic dV/dt ratings, high power dissipation (Pd), and high avalanche energy capabilities. These outstanding electrical and thermal device characteristics are essential for implementing improved power efficiency and reliability in today’s demanding high-voltage conversion systems.

The featured PolarP3™ family is initially available in two voltage grades; 500 V and 600 V grade respectively. 500 V PolarP3™ offerings will include drain current (Id @ Tc=25ºC) ratings of 60 to 132 A. Conversely, 600 V PolarP3™ offerings will have drain current (Id @ Tc=25ºC) ratings of 22 to 110 A. These devices feature low on-resistances (as low as 39 mΩ) while delivering low gate charge values (as low as 38 nC). The combined low conduction and switching losses resulted in a significant reduction in the overall power consumption of the device. In comparison to previous Polar series generations (PolarP2 HiPerFET™), these new PolarP3 HiPerFETs demonstrate up to a 12% reduction in on-state resistance (Rdson), 14% reduction in gate charge (Qg) and as high as 20% increase in maximum power dissipation (Pd). Lower thermal resistances are also achieved due to reduced chip thicknesses, increasing total power density of the device.

  • Low Rds(on)
  • Dynamic dV/dt ratings
  • High power dissipation(Pd)
  • Low gate driver power requirements
  • Low package inductance
  • Switch mode power supplies
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Laser drivers
  • AC and DC motor drives
  • Robotics and servo controls