TinyBuck® DC-DC Regulator Family

By ON Semiconductor 154

TinyBuck® DC-DC Regulator Family

ON Semiconductor's next-generation TinyBuck DC-DC regulator family provides higher system efficiency to help system designers meet tough energy standards and improve battery life while reducing total cost of ownership. The TinyBuck regulator family enables end-user applications to achieve greater than ninety-six percent efficiency over a very-wide load range.

    This is achieved through multiple optimizations:
  • Fine-tuned gate driver circuitry with optimized gate drive current and dead times for each specific
  • part number, giving two percent higher efficiency when compared to competitive solutions
  • Constant on-time architecture with pulse frequency modulation (PFM) for highest light-load efficiency
    Additional optimizations help improve thermal performance and system robustness:
  • Reduced switch node ringing and optimized wide duty cycle achieved by leveraging our PowerTrench® MOSFETs with shielded gate technology
  • Advanced packaging technology to minimize parasitic inductance and resistance to achieve superior thermal performance
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