3030 Linear LED Modules

By Seoul Semiconductor Inc 157

3030 Linear LED Modules

Seoul's 3030 linear LED module was developed specifically for troffer, panel, and backlighting products. This linear strip uses a high-lumen-per-dollar 3030 LED package with a patented optic which minimizes the LED count to optimize system efficacy and cost, and decreases the depth of the fixture by being able to place a diffuser only 25.4 mm from the LED board. The patented optic spreads the beam angle of the LED to 150 degrees which enables using one higher-power LED, unlike typical designs which utilize 3-4 mid-power LEDs, giving a very uniform light-output without any hot spots.

  • Allows for slim-design
  • Minimizes the number of LEDs
  • Best-uniformity
  • Allows weight reduction
  • Lead-free
  • RoHS compliant