DF80 Series Connectors

By Hirose Electric Co Ltd 78

DF80 Series Connectors

Hirose Electric offers the DF80 series which is a 0.5 mm pitch series of low-profile micro-coaxial connectors that accepts both micro-coaxial cable and discrete wire. The DF80 supports Embedded DisplayPort Ver. 1.3 (2.7 and 5.4 Gbps). It has easy plug alignment with wide and visually-recognizable alignment. The plug has a robust structure with interlocked metal shells. The series has high contact reliability with clipping 2-point contact and clear tactile click.

Features and Benefits
  • Rated current is between 0.1 A and 0.5 A depending on the AWG
  • Applicable cable for micro-coaxial cable is AWG #40 to 46
  • Rated voltage is 50 VAC
  • Applicable cable for discrete wire is AWG #32, 36
  • Available in 30-, 40-, and 50-positions