DM3BT Series

By Hirose Electric Co Ltd 63

DM3BT Series

The DM3BT series from Hirose Electric is a microSD connector system that is bottom-board (reverse) mounting. It has a push-push with ejection mechanism and an ejection travel length of 4 mm. The triple-card-capturing mechanism prevents the card from flying out at ejection. It features a user-friendly mis-insertion prevention design. The connector has a height of 1.83 mm and a width of 13.85 mm. The depth without card is 15.95 mm. This product is RoHS-compliant.

  • MicroSD card connector, bottom board mounting
  • Push-push with ejection mechanism
  • Card fall-out prevention
  • Height of 1.83 mm
  • Width of 13.85 mm
  • Depth without card is 15.95 mm
  • Current capacity is 0.5 A
  • Durability is 10,000 cycles

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