DS800SL Series AC/DC Front-End Power Supply

By Artesyn Embedded Technologies/Norvell Electronics 47

DS800SL Series AC/DC Front-End Power Supply

Artesyn's 800 W bulk front-end power supply meets the 80 PLUS Gold standard for efficiency. The DS800SL-3 power supply has an exceptionally high efficiency of 92 percent when operating at half-load from a 230 VAC input, combined with a typical power factor in excess of 0.99. With a high power density of 19.05 W/in³ (1.16 W/cm³) in a slim-line rack-mounting package, DS800SL-3 power supplies enable system designers to minimize space requirements in enterprise servers and similar space-constrained applications.

The DS800SL-3 is a fully-digital design; it features a built-in I²C serial bus interface and uses the industry-standard PMBus™ communications protocol. Developed primarily for systems employing distributed power architectures, the power supply has a wide input voltage range of 90 to 264 VAC and is rated for 800 W output power. The main 12 VDC payload output is programmable by +/- 10 percent, and can deliver up to 65.7 A continuously. An auxiliary 'always on' 5 VDC output, rated at 2.4 A, is also provided for powering server management circuits. Both outputs are tightly regulated, have no minimum load requirement, and offer remote sensing; the 12 VDC output can compensate for a load bus drop of up to 200 mV.

  • 800 W output power in a slim-line outline
  • 18.7 W/in³
  • N+1 redundant
  • Hot-swap
  • Internal OR-ing
  • 5.0 V housekeeping
  • High efficiency (92% at 230 VAC) 50% load
  • Variable speed smart fan
  • EMI Class B
  • EN61000 immunity

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