HF319 High-Flex-Life Cable

By 3M 128

HF319 High-Flex-Life Cable

The 3M high-flex-life cable, halogen-free HF319 series represents a new multi-million flex-cycle addition to 3M’s industry-leading line of halogen free ribbon cables. The HF319 series combines 3M’s proven high-flex-life conductor with our halogen-free polyolefin (PO) dielectric to bring a high-flex-life cable construction to the halogen free market space for the first time.

The HF319 series cable is 28 AWG stranded ribbon cable on 0.050” pitch, and is made from the same silver-plated copper conductor currently used in our popular high-flex-life cable, series 3319. The HF319 series utilizes a low-smoke zero-halogen PO dielectric. The HF319 series has been tested to 25 million flex cycles (over a 3/4” bend radius).

  • Low smoke (IEC 61034-2:2005) and low toxicity of combustion gases (NF X 70-100-2:2006) reduce the risk to firefighters and reduce the soot and corrosion damage to nearby equipment in case of fire.
  • 28 AWG stranded, 0.050” pitch configuration for use in termination to .100” pitch IDC ribbon cable connectors such as our flagship 3M wiremount socket, series 3000, 3M IDC ribbon cable socket, series 891.
  • 25 million flex-cycle life enables use in applications that require long term electronic connection between moving parts.
  • UL rating per UL File E42769, Style 21682.
  • Broad operating temperature range of -40º to +105ºC.
  • Zippable for branched or discrete terminations.

Termination Information
The following 3M IDC connectors are suitable for termination to HF319:

  • 3M Wiremount Socket, Series 3000, IDC (TS0718)
  • 3M IDC Ribbon Cable Socket, Series 891 (TS0449)
  • 3M IDC Ribbon Cable Socket, Series D891 (TS2243)
  • 3M Wiremount Plug, Series 4600, IDC (TS0086)
  • 3M Card-Edge Connector, Series 3000, IDC (TS0010)
  • 3M PCB Connector, Series 3400 IDC (TS0006)
Meets proposed regulatory requirements
Helps to "future proof" products against potential future regulatory requirements
Low smoke, low toxicity
Meets safety guidelines IEC 61034-2:2005 and NF X 70-100-2:2006
Reduces smoke and generates reduced toxicity of smoke versus traditional PVC insulator materials
Zippable Allows a higher conductor count to be zipped to multiple lower counts Enables reduced inventory for customers who wish to stock higher counts and zip to order. Enables use in branched or discrete wire applications.
25 million flex cycle rating at 3/4" bend radius
Enables use of HF cable in high-flex-life applications
Brings reduced smoke toxicity cable to a market space where it previously had not existed