LMZ10500/501 Simple Switcher Nano Modules

By Texas Instruments 60

LMZ10500/501 Simple Switcher Nano Modules

Texas Instruments' LMZ10500 SIMPLE SWITCHER® nano module is an easy-to-use step-down DC-DC solution capable of driving up to 650 mA (LMZ10500) or 1 A (LMZ10501) load in space-constrained applications. Only an input capacitor, an output capacitor, a small VCON filter capacitor, and two resistors are required for basic operation. The nano module comes in an 8-pin LLP footprint package with an integrated inductor. Internal current-limit-based soft-start function, current-overload protection, and thermal shutdown are also provided.

For soldering information please refer to the following App Note: AN-1187

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