LT®8471 Dual Multitopology Converter with 2 A

By Analog Devices Inc 74

LT®8471 Dual Multitopology Converter with 2 A

The LT8471 from Linear Technology is a dual-PWM DC/DC converter containing two internal 2 A, 50 V switches and an additional 500 mA switch to facilitate step-down and inverting conversion. Each 2 A channel can be independently configured as a buck, boost, SEPIC, flyback, or inverting converter. Capable of generating positive and negative outputs from a single input rail, the LT8471 is ideal for many local power-supply designs.

The LT8471 has an adjustable oscillator, set by a resistor placed from the RT pin to ground. Additionally, the LT8471 can be synchronized to an external clock. The free-running or synchronized-switching frequency range of the part can be set between 100 kHz and 2 MHz.

Additional features such as frequency foldback, soft-start, and power good are integrated. The LT8471 is available in a 20-lead TSSOP package.

Video: LT8471 Dual Multitopology Converter with 2 A Switches

One Switcher Does It All

  • Dual 2 A and one 500 mA, 50 V internal power switch channels
  • 2 A primary channels can be buck, boost, SEPIC, ZETA, flyback or inverting DC/DC converter
  • 500 mA skyhook channel efficiently generates boosted input voltage
  • Wide input voltage range of 2.6 V to 50 V
  •  UVLO and OVLO programmable on OV / UV pin
  • Soft-start programmable for each channel
  • Fixed frequency PWM (set by RT pin or synchronized to external clock)
  • Anti-phase switching reduces input ripple
  • 20-lead TSSOP package