MS-180 Connector Series

By Hirose Electric Co Ltd 95

MS-180 Connector Series

Hirose’s MS-180 connector series has an ultra-low profile of 0.85 mm. The occupied space is 3.8 mm². Small plug diameter minimizes checking-hole size on device. It features a high frequency of DC to 11 GHz and solder-wicking prevention. The series is RoHS-compliant and is a Halogen-free product.

Features and Benefits
  • Insertion loss in the normally closed position is: 0.1 dB max (DC to 3.0 GHz) 0.2 dB max (3.0 GHz to 6.0 GHz) 0.3 db max (6.0 GHz to 11.0 GHz)
  • Small size - 1.9 mm x 2.0 mm 93.8 mm²)
  • Various plugs are available ranging in size
  • Durability is 100 cycles

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