PS20 and PA-20 Series Pressure Transducers

By Nidec Copal Electronics 67

PS20 and PA-20 Series Pressure Transducers

Nidec Copal Electronics' solid-state PS20 pressure switches and PA-20 pressure sensors are pressure transducers combined with electronic circuitry that produce electrical analog output signals. The PS20 series pressure switches are solid-state pressure switches consisting of a semiconductor-type pressure transducer and electronic circuit which turn on and off according to a preset pressure value by volume. The switch output is given by an open collector transistor and can turn on and off an external load. The state of the switch output can be visually confirmed by an LED indicator. The PA-20 series pressure transducers are semiconductor (diffusion-type) pressure sensors combined with and electronic circuit which provide electrical analog output signals. The electronic circuit consists of a voltage-to-current conversion circuit which provides excitation current for the pressure sensor and an amplifier circuit which amplifies the pressure sensor signals and provides a specified output.

  • Two types of pressure ranges are available
    • -14.5 to 0 psi (-100 kPa to 0 kPa)
    • -14.5 to 43.5 psi (-100 kPa to 300 kPa)
  • Meet EMC standards (CE marking) and UL (US and Canada) standards
  • Ultra-small-size pressure switches and transducers
  • 1-switch output (NPN or PNP open collector output)
  • 1 to 5 VDC output increases proportion to input pressure
  • Measuring-pressure of pneumatic system
  • Measuring-pressure of vacuum pump
  • Detection of over-pressure

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