Single-Coil Wireless Reference Design

By NXP Semiconductors 102

Single-Coil Wireless Reference Design

The 5 W single-coil wireless charging transmitter reference design uses NXP's MWCT1000 transmit controller IC to manage and perform all control functions necessary to implement a wireless charging transmitter solution. This solution is highly-optimized to provide the lowest-bill-of-materials cost, as well as highest-performance. The design complies with the wireless power consortium's latest Qi specification, and is certified as a WPC-A11 transmitter type. Among the many features of this design, the solution has been developed to provide a more general solution which operates with many different coil types.

The design is based on the wireless power consortium (WPC) A11 transmitter definition, comprising of a 5 VDC input source, full-bridge inverter topology and frequency-control methodology. NXP extends support to any coil topology which uses a 5 V input source; therefore, this reference design currently supports A11, A12, and A16 coil configurations on a single-platform, as well as any future single-coil design. This reduces the need for different hardware to support multiple (and future) coil types with similar characteristics.

  • Certified as WPC-A11 transmitter type
  • Greater than 75% transfer-efficiency
  • Robust foreign object detection algorithm
  • On-chip digital demodulation
  • 30 mW standby power using proximity sensing
  • Ultra-low bill-of-materials cost
  • Support for current-limited devices such as PCs
  • Supports any 5 W single-coil application that uses 5 V input source
  • Transmit IC consumes less than 30 mA in active run mode

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