Solutions For The Internet Of Things

By Silicon Labs 151

Solutions For The Internet Of Things

Silicon Labs provides next generation technology to help IoT customers with their designs. The technology can be categorized into 5 product categories: MCUs, connectivity: wired and wireless, sensors, timing, and power. The growth associated with the IoT will come from new products developed around sensor nodes, portable devices and/or gateways. Silicon Labs has highlighted a few lead products for IoT customers to consider.

Silicon Labs is hosting a set of webinars targeted at customers evaluating or designing with their energy friendly EFM32 MCUs and Sensor products. The majority of each webinar is dedicated to a technical demonstration using an EFM32 starter kit along with simplicity studio. The demonstrations focus on using the EFM32 to interface with popular sensors or sample low-energy mixed-signals. After the demonstrations, attendees will hear about more Silicon Labs products that solve many of the other challenges found in IoT designs.

Solutions Guide for the Internet of Things