SuperFET® II and SuperFET® II Easy-Drive

By ON Semiconductor 60

SuperFET® II and SuperFET® II Easy-Drive

ON Semiconductor's SuperFET II MOSFET family uses the latest-super-junction technology and adds to the high-voltage power MOSFET portfolio. With this technology, ON Semiconductor provides best-in-class, robust body diode performance in high-end, AC-DC SMPS applications such as servers, telecom, computing, industrial power supply, UPS / ESS, solar inverter, lighting applications, as well as consumer electronics which require high-power density, system-efficiency, and reliability.

Utilizing an advanced charge-balance technology, ON Semiconductor helps designers achieve more efficient, cost-effective, and high-performance solutions that take up less board space and improve reliability by introducing the 600 V N-channel SuperFET II MOSFET series. Offered in two product families, the SuperFET II series is optimized for high-efficiency in high-frequency switching applications. The SuperFET II easy drive series is optimized for ease-of-use and low-EMI noise.

    • Best-in-class robust body diode
    • Smaller-stored energy in output capacitance (EOSS)
    • Significantly low-on-resistance RDS(on)
    • Lower-gate-charge (QG) performance
    • Integrated gate resistor (Rg)
    • Increased system reliability in soft-switching topologies
    • Higher-efficiency in light-load conditions
    • Lower-conduction loss
    • Lower-driving loss
    • Less-gate oscillation and low-EMI noise
    • Server/telecom power
    • PC power/laptop adaptors
    • Portable device battery charger
    • Solar inverters
    • Flat panel display (FPD) TV power (LCD, PDP)
    • Game consoles
    • Lighting
    • UPS / ESS
    • Electrical vehicle (EV) chargers
    • DC motor drives