TMC429 Motor Controllers

By TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH 103

TMC429 Motor Controllers

TRINAMIC's TMC429 family is a miniaturized, low-cost, high-performance stepper motor controller for up to three motors. It integrates all real-time critical tasks in reliable, dedicated hardware: An integrated motion ramp profile generator as well as an adaptable microstep sequencer with microstep RAM table. Advanced stop and reference switch handling allows for precise and fast-referencing, as well as on-the-fly position checking. Automatic motor current control delivers high-motor dynamics, while saving energy. The interrupt output can generate precise position pulses.

The TMC429 connects to TRINAMIC’s coolStep™ drivers (TMC260, TMC262, and TMC389) via step and direction signals (S/D), or to TRINAMIC’s legacy drivers TMC236, TMC239, TMC246, and TMC249 via SPI®. The communication with the host microcontroller is implemented with an extra SPI interface. The host only needs to perform high-level control tasks, e.g. giving the command: Drive motor 2 to position 1000. The TMC429 family automatically calculates the motion ramp based on velocity and acceleration parameters.