650 V IGBT HB Series

By STMicroelectronics 101

650 V IGBT HB Series

The HB series of insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) from STMicroelectronics have up to 40% lower turn-off energy losses than competing high-frequency devices, while reducing conduction losses by up to 30%. Leveraging ST’s advanced trench-gate field-stop high-speed technology, the HB series has a minimal collector-current turn-off tail as well as very-low-saturation voltage (Vce (sat)) down to 1.6 V (typical), hence minimizing energy losses during switching and when turned on. In addition, the technology is well controlled, producing a tight distribution window of parameters, enhancing repeatability, and simplifying system design.

ST’s HB series IGBTs enhance the energy efficiency of solar inverters, induction heaters, welders, uninterruptible power supplies, power-factor correction, and other high-frequency power converters. The extended voltage rating of 650 V ensures at least 600 V breakdown voltage in ambient temperatures down to -40°C, making the devices ideal for solar inverters marketed in colder climates. The maximum operating junction temperature of 175°C and wide safe operating area (SOA) increase reliability and allow smaller heatsinks. Options include maximum current ratings from 30 A to 80 A (at 100°C), a selection of popular power packages, and co-packed diode optimized for resonant or hard-switching circuits.