AC4490 900 MHz Radio Module

By Laird - Embedded Wireless Solutions 143

AC4490 900 MHz Radio Module

Using field-proven FHSS technology that needs no additional site-licensing, the AC4490 from Laird rejects interference, enables co-located system operation, provides a full range of output power, and maintains data integrity. The AC4490 features include drop-in installation and a number of on-the-fly control commands, providing OEMs with a versatile interface for any application. It can be used as a direct cable replacement requiring no special host software for communication.

All frequency-hopping, synchronization, and RF system data transmission/reception is performed by the module. This radio module can achieve open-field ranges in excess of 20 miles, has high propagation in the 900 MHz band, and includes options for 1 W power transmission and a sensitive low-noise amplifier in the receive chain.

Features Applications
  • "Long range" mode enables 20 miles
  • High 900 MHz data rate: 32 kbps
  • Small form-factor: 1.65 x 1.9 inches
  • Operates in -40°C to +80°C temperature range
  • Variable output power: 5 mW to 1,000 mW
  • Simple configuration
  • Recreation
  • Utility management
  • Commercial buildings
  • Fleet telemetry
  • Field surveillance

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