ASGTX 1.50 GHz High-Performance TCXOs and VCTCXOs

By Abracon Corporation 118

ASGTX 1.50 GHz High-Performance TCXOs and VCTCXOs

Abracon offers the ASGTX series of factory configurable, high performance, fixed- and voltage- controlled TCXOs.

The ASGTX temperature-compensated crystal oscillators are designed to accommodate a broad range of precision TCXO requirements without non-recurring engineering (NRE) and extended lead times. This oscillator series is designed and manufactured by Abracon Corporation and is available from one piece to high volume production quantities.

The ASGTX is available with either LVDS or LVPECL output from 10 MHz - 1.50 GHz, at any desired frequency, such as 149.875 MHz, with tight as ±1.00 ppm stability over temperature.

The ASGTX is suitable for a wide variety of precision timing applications where TCXO/VCTCXO’s are typically employed. In addition, for high-frequency LO requirements, customers have traditionally relied upon SAW-based oscillators. Such devices are only available at a few fixed frequencies, such as 915 MHz and 1.0 GHz, are typically in 9.0 x 14.0 mm or larger packages, and vary as much as ±100 ppm over temperature.

Features and Benefits

  • ±1.00 ppm stability over -30ºC to +70ºC and ±2.00 ppm stability over -40ºC to +85ºC
  • Any carrier frequency between 10 MHz and 1.50 GHz
  • LVCMOS output of 10 MHz to 250 MHz or a LVDS/LVPECL output of 10 MHz to 1.50 GHz
  • Small form-factor of 9.0 x 7.0 x 2.24 mm
  • No NRE or extended lead time
  • One to five day quick turnaround for small sized orders

ASGTX Series Programmable Oscillators Ordering Guide

Digi-Key provides in-house programming capability for this unique QUICK TURN configurable TCXO/VCTCXO oscillator that comes with LVCMOS, LVPECL, and LVDS output options. Quickly program and ship any frequency up to 1.5 GHZ with the ASGTX series for short lead time and high performance that no other manufacturer can offer today.

Select a base part number, then enter your desired frequency within Notes on your web order or call Digi-Key with your selected base part number and a sales representative will enter your desired frequency.

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How to Select a Base Part Number
  1. ASGTX-
  2. Select Output Type
  3. Select Frequency Stability
  4. -ND
Example Part Number
#1 #2   #3 #4
ASGTX- Output Type - Frequency Stability -ND
#2, Any carrier frequency between min/max
  • C = LVCMOS, 10 MHz min. to 250 GHz max
  • P = LVPECL, 10 MHz min. to 1.5 GHz max
  • D = LVDS, 10 MHz min. to 1.5 GHz max
#3, Stability over temperature range
  • 1 = ±1 ppm over -30 to +70°C
  • 2 = ±2 ppm over -40 to +85°C

Call Digi-Key with your Selected Base Number and a Sales Representative will enter your desired frequency.

Note: For fixed frequency oscillators please reference ASGTX Series TCXO/VCTCXO Ocillators

Programmable parts are non-cancelable and non-returnable!