Cellular Transceivers

By Analog Devices Inc 157

Cellular Transceivers

ADI's Receiver (Rx) and Transmitter (Tx) Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC) transceiver can be used in a wide range of cellular equipment applications from femtocells to macro base-stations.

The HMC1190LP6GE is a high-linearity dual channel downconverter with integrated PLL/VCO which operates from 700 to 3500 MHz and is designed specifically for multi-standard receiver applications that require a compact and low-power solution.

For transmit applications, the HMC1197LP7FE is a low noise, high-linearity direct quadrature modulator with integrated Fractional-N PLL/VCO which is rated for operation from 100 to 4000 MHz.

Both the HMC1190LP6GE and HMC1197LP7FE incorporate a feature-rich, industry-leading PLL and wideband VCO. The integrated Phase Detector (PD) and delta-sigma modulator within the HMC1190LP6GE and HMC1197LP7FE is capable of operating at up to 100 MHz permitting wider loop-bandwidths with excellent spectral performance. The PLL/VCO section can phase adjust and synchronize multiple Analog Devices Tx and Rx RFICs, enabling scalable MIMO and beam-forming radio architectures. Additional PLL/VCO features include a configurable output mute function, an Exact Frequency Mode that enables both products to generate fractional frequencies with 0 Hz frequency error and the ability to synchronously change frequencies without changing the phase of the output signal.

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