CGHV35150F S-Band Radar Transistor

By Wolfspeed 91

CGHV35150F S-Band Radar Transistor

Wolfspeed’s CGHV35150 is a gallium nitride (GaN) high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) designed specifically with high efficiency, high gain, and wide bandwidth capabilities, which makes the CGHV35150 ideal for 2.9 GHz to 3.5 GHz S-band radar amplifier applications. The transistor is supplied in a ceramic/metal flange and pill package.

  • Rated power = 150 W at TCASE = 85°C
  • Operating frequency = 2.9 GHz to 3.5 GHz
  • Transient 100 µsec to 300 µsec at 20%
  • 13.5 dB power gain at TCASE = 85°C
  • 50% typical drain efficiency at TCASE
  • Input matched
  • less than 0.3 dB pulsed amplitude droop

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