DC Power Management

By Analog Devices Inc 96

DC Power Management

Analog Devices has expanded its DC power management product line by introducing complete monolithic Class-A amplifier biasing and monitoring solutions. The HMC920LP5E, HMC980LP4E and HMC981LP3E are ideal for power management and control in cellular infrastructure, microwave and millimeterwave communications, fiber optic, consumer, military, space, and test equipment applications.

Analog Devices bias control solutions automatically adjust the gate voltage to achieve a constant bias current over part-to-part and temperature variations. This auto-gate bias adjustment provides a significant advantage compared with discrete-based solutions since it eliminates manual calibration. Additionally, Analog Devices' Active Bias Controllers offer significant PCB area reduction by integrating negative voltage generator, automatic gate adjustment, and power-up sequencing circuit blocks in a single monolithic device.

The HMC981LP3E is a highly-compact biasing solution that requires only eight standard external passive components and features simplified functionality compared with the previously released HMC920LP5E. Available in a 3 x 3 mm plastic SMT package, the HMC981LP3E is capable of biasing amplifiers with currents up to 200 mA and supply voltages from 4 V to 12 V.