MPM Series DC/DC Converter Modules

By Sanken 90

MPM Series DC/DC Converter Modules

Sanken's MPM (Micro Power Module) series is a hybrid IC family that incorporates a non-isolated buck DC-DC converter circuit with an inductor in a single-fully-molded package. The ICs enable designing a power supply circuit with fewer external components. The products are ideal for the replacement of a discrete DC-DC converter IC, such as a local regulator on various systems to lower component count and save space.

MPM8x: 2 A Non-Isolated Step-Down DC/DC Converter Modules

MPM01: DC-to-DC Converter Module

MPM04: DC-to-DC Converter Module

  • Fewer external components required
    • IC operates just by connecting an input smoothing capacitor, an output smoothing capacitor, and output voltage setup resistance
  • Built-in inductor
    • Built-in power inductor eliminates requirement to evaluate and select the inductor separately
  • Sanken proprietary fully-molded and integrated package
    • The full-mold package allows a screw clamp connection to a heatsink. Depending on an output voltage setup and load conditions, the IC can be operated without a heatsink
  • Wide-input voltage range, high-efficiency
    • Input voltage range of 9 VDC to 40 V for MPM01/04 and 8 to 30 V for MPM80 series. The efficiency is 88 to 95% (typ)
  • Various protection functions
    • Protection functions such as overcurrent protection (OCP), overvoltage protection (OVP), and thermal shutdown (TSD) are built-in
  • Built-in phase compensation
    • Eliminates the requirement for an external constant clock; the reference voltage of the IC output has 0.5 V ±2% accuracy, and is a control-drive-type phase compensation
  • Communication devices
    • Router switch equipment
    • WDM computer server
  • Other low-power conversion