PAE Series Eight-Brick Isolated DC/DC Converter

By Murata Power Solutions Inc 100

PAE Series Eight-Brick Isolated DC/DC Converter

Murata Power Solutions’ fully-isolated power amplifier eighth-brick series of DC/DC converters has been designed specifically for use with multi-channel power amplifiers such as those found in the latest generation of microcell wireless transceiver applications requiring up to 100 W. With a typical efficiency of 92.5%, the PAE series keeps power dissipation on the module to a minimum, therefore, reducing system temperatures and helping network operators save energy costs. The through-hole-mounted converter is available with an optional baseplate for conduction-cooled/cold-wall applications typically found in base-station applications and remote radio heads. The converter operates over the industry-standard TNV input voltage range of +36 to +75 VDC around a nominal +48 VDC. The single +29.8 VOUT can be adjusted over a wide range, from +23.84 to 32.78 VDC to maximize flexibility for power amplifier system designers. Controls include remote On/Off control of either negative or positive polarity. In addition, the converter has a number of protection features including overcurrent, over-temperature, input under-voltage and output short circuit. The PAE series has been designed to meet the demanding “low noise” requirements in modern communications systems and will require minimal VOUT filtering in most applications. Other example applications for the PAE include indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi installations, RF test equipment, CATV systems, and MRI imaging equipment.

  • 2:1 input voltage range (36 V – 75 V)
  • Trimmable 23.84 (-20%) to 32.78 (10%) V output (29.8 V, nom)
  • Up to 100 W output power at 36 - 75 VIN
  • Efficiency = 92.5% (typ)
  • Industry-standard eighth-brick package
  • Optional baseplate for conduction-cooling applications
  • Optional baseplate to ground connection pin
  • Positive and negative logic On/Off control option
  • Monotonic startup into pre-bias/pre-load output conditions
  • Over-current (power limiting); Over-temperature protection; Over-voltage protection
  • Low output ripple and noise
  • Strong thermal derating performance
  • Operational temperature range –40°C to +100°C (baseplate temperature)
  • 1500 V I/O isolation
  • Certified to UL 60950-1, CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1, 2nd edition with Am1 safety approvals

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