By Analog Devices Inc 50


Analog Devices has a large selection of low-noise integer and fractional-N PLLs and PLL chip sets that operate at up to 14 GHz frequencies. The PLLs include a 24- or 48-bit Delta-Sigma modulator which allows the devices to achieve unparalleled fractional frequency resolution of up to 180 nHz. Integrated exact-frequency mode achieves exact channel frequencies with no channel spurs, while double buffering enables strobed frequency hopping.

The PLLs come with an ultra-low-noise phase detector and charge pump capable of operating at high phase-detector frequencies of 100-150 MHz. This capability enables the PLL chipset to utilize wider loop bandwidths which result in better phase noise performance and faster PLL locking times. The typical phase noise Figure of Merit performance is -230 dBc/Hz in fractional mode.

The HMC703LP4E features a built-in sweeper mode that supports external or automatic triggered sweeps. The phase-coherent frequency sweep mode can be used in test instrumentation, Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) sensors, and automotive radars.