REDCUBE® Press-Fit Terminals

By Würth Elektronik 48

REDCUBE® Press-Fit Terminals

Wurth Electronics announces the industry’s first REDCUBE® press-fit terminals. Press-fit technology provides a number of advantages in comparison with solder technology. Very thick circuit boards with high-copper coating can be processed easily. Two-sided mounting of circuit boards is possible without any problems which usually enables a very compact design of modules. As a result, current paths in particular are shortened which is thermally very beneficial for the processing of high-currents. Using the REDCUBE terminals from Wurth Elektronik, currents of more than 300 A can be carried on the circuit board. The current-carrying capacity of any press-fit element must always be considered in the context of the complete system.

  • Material: brass
  • Surface: tin plated/copper plated
  • Holding forces according to IEC 352-5
  • Pressing in force: maximum 250 N per pin
  • Extraction force: minimum 30 N per pin
  • Circuit board thickness: 1.6 – 3.2 mm
  • Force-fitting speed: 100-250 mm/min
  • Gas-tight sealing of the contact points
  • Very-high current-carrying capacity
  • Very-high holding forces
  • No problems with cold solder joints
  • No thermal processes
  • Mechanically much more stable than solder connections
  • Many times higher long-term reliability