Highly Cost-Efficient Triple-Axis Stepper Motor Co

By TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH 71

Highly Cost-Efficient Triple-Axis Stepper Motor Co

TRINAMIC's TMCM-3110 is a compact, three-axes stepper motor controller/driver module for two-phase bipolar stepper motors. It is highly integrated, offering convenient handling and designed for use in many decentralized applications.

The TMCM-3110 supports up to three bipolar stepper motors with up to 2.8 A RMS coil current and supply voltages up to +48 VDC nominal. There are separate motor and reference/end switch connectors, as well as incremental encoder (a/b/n) connectors for each motor.

Communication can take place via RS485, CAN, or USB interfaces. The module offers eight general-purpose inputs and eight general-purpose outputs for various application possibilities. With high-energy efficiency derived from TRINAMIC's coolStep technology, power consumption cost is minimized.

The CANopen option supports industry standard bus-controlled communication compliant to DS301 version 4.02 and DS402 version 3.0 standards.