IEEE802.3af PoE Series


IEEE802.3af PoE Series

Phihong's power-on-demand midspans allow your best-in-class network switch to handle the data without limiting your available power. This advanced midspan technology provides full-power on every port and is a more cost-effective solution to expand your network capability because it isolates the data to the switch and the power to the midspan. Today’s midspans can deliver the necessary power to current and future generations of VoIP phones, wireless LAN access points, remote IP security cameras, access control devices, RFID readers, motion detectors, keypads, building automation controls, and other emerging products.

The current IEEE802.3af standard for Power-over-Ethernet was formally approved in 2003, defining PoE applications requiring up to 12.95 W of power. With this specification, users were no longer locked into one brand of equipment and experienced fewer equipment problems and hazardous situations caused by non-compliant products. The standard facilitates interoperability, ensures power application only where appropriate, and mandates safety precautions and protection against faults in an installation.