M24SR Dynamic NFC Tag Series

By STMicroelectronics 98

M24SR Dynamic NFC Tag Series

A vast range of consumer devices, domestic appliances and industrial equipment is set to become smarter, more flexible and easier to use thanks to a new family of “dynamic NFC tag” memories from STMicroelectronics.

These NFC/RFID tag products make it easy to add Near Field Communication (NFC) capability to any kind of electrical device, from loudspeakers and printers, to cookers and washing machines, to electricity, gas and water meters. Jumpstarting the development of connected Consumer, Domestic, and Industrial equipment, the M24SR Discovery Kit illustrates NFC use cases such as “tap and pair”, URL connection, send an SMS or an email, and business-card download.

In addition to the Discovery Kit, the comprehensive M24SR development ecosystem also includes antenna reference designs, application notes, e2e community, eDesignSuite, reference MCU drivers, X-NUCLEO-NFC expansion board, and an NFC Android App.

  • I2C interface
    • Two-wire I2C serial interface supports 1 MHz protocol
    • Single supply voltage: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Contactless interface
    • NFC Forum Type 4 Tag
    • SO/IEC 14443 Type A
    • 106 Kbps data rate
    • Internal tuning capacitance: 25 pF
  • Package
    • 8-lead small-outline package (SO8) ECOPACK®2
    • WFDFDN8 ECOPACK®212 (M24SR64-Y)
  • Memory
    • 256-byte (2-kbit) to 8-Kbyte (64-kbit) EEPROM
    • Support of NDEF data structure
    • Data retention: 200 years
    • Endurance: 1 million erase-write cycles
    • Read up to 246 bytes in a single command
    • Write up to 246 bytes in a single command
    • 7 bytes unique identifier (UID)
    • 128 bits passwords protection
  • Digital pad
    • GPO: configurable General Purpose Output
    • RF disable: activation/deactivation of RF commands