PIC16F161X 8-bit General Purpose Microcontrollers

By Microchip Technology 74

PIC16F161X 8-bit General Purpose Microcontrollers

These MCUs expand the offering of Microchip’s core independent peripherals (CIP), which offload timing-critical and core-intensive tasks from the CPU, allowing it to focus on other application tasks. Additionally, this family integrates fault-detecting hardware features to assist engineers in developing safety-critical applications.

In addition to the HLT, the PIC16(L)F161X features the unique 24-bit signal measurement timer (SMT). The SMT performs high-resolution measurements of any digital signal in hardware, resulting in more precise and accurate measurements. This is ideal for speed control, range finding, and RPM indicators. Both timers are designed to reduce design complexity by eliminating the need for additional code and external components.


  • Windowed watchdog timer (WWDT)
  • Cyclic redundancy check with memory scan (CRC / SCAN)
  • Hardware limit timer (HLT)