PLEDxUx Unidirectional Series Open LED Protectors

By Littelfuse Inc 108

PLEDxUx Unidirectional Series Open LED Protectors

Littelfuse's PLEDxUx unidirectional series open LED protector provides a switching electronic shunt path when one LED in a string fails as an open circuit. PLED devices are connected in parallel with each LED in a series string. If one LED fails as an open circuit, the PLED connected to it turns on and carries the current that would have gone through the failed LED, so the remainder of the string continues to function. LEDs cannot withstand voltages of reverse polarity; the PLEDxUX series provides reverse battery / power polarity protection for greater LED reliability.

  • Electronic shunt / bypass for open LEDs
  • Reverse battery / power protection
  • Fast switching
  • Small-footprint, DO-214AA or QFN package
  • Automatically resets after power cycle
  • RoHS-compliant
  • Enables LED strings to continue to function even if one LED fails as an open circuit
  • Capable of PWM frequencies up to 10 kHz
  • Provides layout flexibility; maximum heat dissipation makes it ideal for dense board applications
  • Prevents accidental reversal of battery / power polarity because LEDs cannot survive reverse polarity voltages
  • Low maintenance, high reliability operation
  • Environmentally-friendly product