SmartMesh® IP™ Embedded Products

By Analog Devices Inc 56

SmartMesh® IP™ Embedded Products

Linear Technology's SmartMesh network consists of a self-forming multi-hop mesh of nodes, known as motes, which collect and relay data, and a network manager that monitors and manages network performance and security and exchanges data with a host application.

SmartMesh motes and managers are complete wireless sensor network solutions, enabling OEMs to focus on application solutions and not wireless R&D. They combine a time-synchronized, channel-hopping link layer with hardware based on Dust Networks' Eterna® system-on-chip technology for a complete wireless networking solution with greater than 99.999% data reliability in the most challenging RF environments, greater than 10-year battery life for every node in the network, including routing nodes, and complete wireless mesh solution so no network stack development is required.

The SmartMesh IP solution is widely applicable and enables low power consumption even in harsh, dynamically changing RF environments.


  • SmartMesh embedded wireless sensor networks deliver >99.999% data reliability and >10-year battery life, making it practical to deploy wireless sensor networks in the most challenging environments:
    • Tough RF environments with extensive metal and concrete, including industrial plants, data centers, commercial building monitoring, bridges, and tunnels
    • Large area networks such as street parking applications, smart street lighting networks spanning multiple city blocks, and commercial irrigation
    • Dense deployments where thousands of nodes operate within radio range of each other, for instance data centers and utility-scale solar farms
    • Networks on moving vehicles including rail cars, cargo containers, semi-trucks, or aircraft
    • Long, extended networks including pipelines, mines, tunnels, bridges, fence-line, and smart street lighting
    • Remote monitoring where all nodes must be powered by battery or energy harvesting, such as oil fields or environmental monitoring