SSF67PM12 Series Float Sensors

By Cynergy3 83

SSF67PM12 Series Float Sensors

Cynergy3's SSF67 has been designed to give the user a long-reach float switch with a number of switching options, to cater to a wide variety of system requirements. Manufactured in stainless steel 316L material, these switches are suitable for use in many aggressive liquids or hygienic applications. These are now available with industry-standard M12 round 4-pin IP67 connectors. See also our cable sets in the featured products section.

The single-float version gives high- (make on rise) and low-level (make on fall) indications for alarms and controls systems. The dual-float versions give either make on rise for both high- and low-levels (used for tank emptying control) or make on fall for both high- and low-levels (used for tank filling control).

For additional information see "How to create a pump control circuit to automatically empty a tank".

Features Applications
  • Stainless steel 316L material
  • Process temperatures to 135°C
  • Wide-variety of standard configurations
  • Tank emptying
  • Tank filling
  • Process control