TMC5031 Dual-Axis Stepper-Motor Driver and Control

By TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH 89

TMC5031 Dual-Axis Stepper-Motor Driver and Control

TRINAMIC's TMC5031 stepper controller-driver IC is a powerful system-on-a-chip, integrating sophisticated ramp-generators and two power stages, plus best-in-class diagnostics and protection in a tiny 7 mm by 7 mm QFN package.

Developed with a focus on the fast-growing CCTV camera market, the component is well-suited for other areas that require precise positioning, e.g. medical, industrial, or consumer applications. The functionality embedded in the component allows for superior motor control, obviating the need for deep analysis of motor physics.

The new IC is highly effective in applications where time-to-market has highest priority, and where miniaturization and cost are key design goals.

Video:  Michael Randt: TMC5031 Full Feature Dual Axis Driver