807 Series Insulated Spring Pins

By Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. 216

807 Series Insulated Spring Pins

Insulated spring pins from Mill-Max feature seven different heights of SMT spring pins to choose from assembled into a durable, high-temperature nylon 46 insulator sleeve. This series, 807-22-001-30-00X101 (X = 0-6) utilizes existing Mill-Max spring pins (0965 and 0900-X series) and is the first series produced by Mill-Max dedicated to be a single-position insulated spring pin terminal.

The 807 product is for applications where electrical isolation is required. It provides insulation of the spring pin terminal for situations such as passing through a conductive case or housing, or for isolating the pin from surrounding conductive components or elements. The insulators used on the 807 series are cylindrical in shape with two diameters. The larger diameter, the collar, is .094” (2.39 mm) in diameter and acts as a positive stop as the pin passes through an enclosure. The uncompressed height range of the series is from 0.100” (2.54 mm) to 0.236” (5.99 mm) with a working travel range from 0.012” (.3 mm) - 0.0275” (0.7 mm). [Maximum stroke capability range is from 0.024” (.61 mm) - 0.055” (1.4 mm)]

Features and Benefits

  • Discrete insulated spring-loaded pins; available in seven heights from 0.100” to 0.236”, with working travel from 0.012” to 0.0275”
  • Precision-machined piston/base and gold-plated components assure a 1,000,000 cycle life durability
  • Low-resistance contacts are rated at 2 amps continuous, 3 amps peak
  • High-temperature thermoplastic insulators are suitable for SMT soldering processes